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Default Re: Psp and NPPL Merging

I don't think they would actually merge for a couple of reasons...

#1 - too many people (at least from what I've heard and from what I've seen aroudn this part of the country) like the PSP MUCH better than the NPPL. Seems the NPPL gets pretty anal about a lot of things - especially when it comes to Nazi-like rules on mask cutting, bps, ramping, etc...

#1a - the NPPL makes more money (for some reason) and brings in more venders so if they were to merge, it would be the PSP coming to the NPPL, not the NPPL coming to the PSP. And since I already mentioned that the PSP is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, they'd be cutting their own throats by doing this.

#2 - I think the PSP has a better venue lined up as far as cities go. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me the PSP is making an effort to try to reach states that aren't actually involved in the major paintball tournament scene. This is evidence by the number of tournaments that have adopted "PSP rules" in the midwest part of the country. The NPPL tends to stay in the Eastern or Western part of the country (with the exception of Denver) yet the PSP has moved into Chicago, San Antonio and there are rumors of the events making it to Kansas City in the future. There are a lot of ballers on the East and West coasts, but by ignoring the middle part of the country, I think the NPPL has actually hurt itself...

I may be wrong on #2, but if I'm not, then it makes sense to me that the PSP would want to stay out on their own. It's golden!
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