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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

my 7th grade sister was at a carnival and got ****ing spit in the face by some ***** highschool guy. She was saving a spot for her friends in line for the zipper and 2 guys wre like hey *****es we were in front of you. She said no you werent, and then one asshoel spit in her face. She started crying and then none of her guy friends did anything, which i mean they are 7th graders so yeah... but for the highschool ***** to spit in my 7th grade sisters face for being in front of him cus he cant wait makes me so ****ing angry. I was gonig to go to he fair too but i decided not too... if i was there id ****ing break his neck, even if he was bigger then me i would not care. God i am so pissed off right now.
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