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I would have to blame it on the ACS bolt. What I would do is put a barrel swab in the feedneck and dry fire a few 100 times to break in the bolt or if you are so inclined chuck the bolt in the garbage and pick up a new bolt. Something Delrin or self lubricating.

If the paint is breaking in the barrel I would blame the paint but if it is getting up in your hopper I would think it is your bolt.

Another culprit to test is if you have ball bobble or if the balls are being shot back up in your hopper but considering you have a Halo B I highly doubt that.

Do you know if your Halo has the Zcode or antijam? One way to test this is to stick your finger in there and see if it stopps revolving and starts blinking red. If it doesn't then you should invest in a new board for the Halo.

Hope this all helps and welcome to the boards.
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