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Default Re: Please Read...especially Minnesotans!!

Originally Posted by Pitbullfan76
These questions go out to all paintball players, but especially those in and around Minnesota. I am currently trying to put together a business proposal so that I may open a paintball facility in northern Minnesota. The facility will hopefully include a store featuring the newest and finest equipment, a pro shop, shooting range, and at least one tournament style speedball field. If you could all please answer the following questions and add any comments or questions you may have I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
1. Where are you located (city, state)? PA
2. How far do you travel to play? Up to 50 miles
3. What type of paintball do you play (speedball, woodsball, scenario, etc)? Any/all
4. What equipment do you use or would you like to use? Markers...spyder electro's, Tippmann 98's/A5's, Traccer, Ion, Amgel
5. How often do you play? At least 4 weekend days a month, sometimes more
6. What do you like about your local paintball dealer / playing field? scenarios, fields, set ups, knowledge in all areas
7. What things would you like to see in a paintball facility? on-site tech services, cheap rentals, parts/suplies, non-gouging paint prices, fill HPA to 5000psi
8. How much do you spend a month on paintball gear, paint, etc? depends but on average...10 cases of paint plus necessities
9. If given the opportunity, would you be interested in entering local / amateur tournaments? Yep
10. Before purchasing your equipment, did you ever rent? sometimes
11. How many people are in your average paintball groups? from 5 to 40 depending on days/vacation time

Please answer these questions and, if you can, have your fellow paintballers answer them as well. Thank you again for your time.
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