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Default Re: Please Read...especially Minnesotans!!

1. San Jose, California

2. 30 minutes road time, tops. Anything beyond that isn't worth my effort to drive to.

3. I play all kinds, depending on what's cheaper and more readily available.

4. I use a 2k2 Black Magic Autococker as well as an ICD ProMaster. As far as what I'd like to use, a 2006 MacDev Cyborg (or 2k7 when it comes out).

5. I play as often as I have the money to, most oftenly that's about once or twice a month.

6. They're open and fun to talk with, as well as very knowledable. They love the sport, simply put.

7. I'd like to see an X-Ball field as well as a castle/bunkerball field to allow for both types of play. Also, all day air for both CO2 and HPA to 4,500psi is a must. One local speedball field here doesn't fill CO2, so I don't go there often. Lots of other locals don't for the same reason. Um, tech center and parts are also very nice. Especially if you're a newer player and need some help. Not saying I'm newer, but when I was in that state, it was nice to be able to get help there with my gun. Cheaper paint is bomb. Nothing more than $45 is very nice. A local field sells Hemorrhages and GAP for $45/case, and it's not bad at all.

8. Don't really want to add it up LOL. Somewhere about $50-80...on equipment alone. All the upgrades and stuff. Total, I have no idea.

9. Yes, but first I'd need a team and a sponser.

10. Heck no. I borrowed a marker from a friend after seeing how shoddy the rentals were. Half of them were missing major parts, and I was and still am shocked that they work.

11. Anywhere between 4 and 30 people. It depends on the season and the finances of the group.
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