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Default Planet Eclipse=best company ever!

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Originally Posted by MarkParris

Well, I personally have found the greatest company in paintball, and its Planet Eclipse. Want to argue? Go ahead try.

As many of you know, I lost all my gear in a fire awhile back, including an 05 ego. I sent Nick Truter, Nicky T, a e-mail regarding what happend and he replyed informing me he would like to take a look at it, and would make it worth my while. I had no idea they would go this far for me. After he returned from a vacation he tryed everything to get my ego back up that it apparently was burnt so bad it could not be repaired, come to find out. I got an email from Nicky T saying that and that he had tried everything to fix it but couldnt. He told me that he had sent the marker back to me with a tracker number and appologie for not being able to fix it.... Then I got an e-mail today from him again saying he added a little something for me in the package with my old burnt Ego. I had no idea what it was and he did not tell me. When I got it there was a ego box, I opened it and pulled out the metal ego casing... it looked like this.

I'd have to say Planet Eclipse is the best company ever.

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