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Default Re: Completely Custom Spyder vs. Highly Upped Ion

I would say customize a spyder rather than upgrade an Ion, for several reasons. (reasons listed below)

1. Everyone and their grandma has an Ion. Go against the flow!
2. If you beat someone with an Ion they can say "well at least it was an electro pneum." It will be more humiliating shooting someone out with a spyder cause they have a rep for being "beginner" markers.
3. Ions are notorious for giving people trouble. They said it was just the first batch, but I know players even now who have bought new ones and had so many problems with them. Any issue you'll encounter with a spyder is an easy fix.
4. Ions come with a plastic body. To get an aluminum body you'll have to pay a good 100+. Spyders come stock with an aluminum body. Not that it matters at all concerning performance, but I prefer to play with something I can drop without worrying about cracking it.

there are more reasons but Im tired of typing.
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