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Default Solenoid Help

A few days ago I decided it would be fun to try and convert a Mechanical spyder into an Electro Spyder using parts i had at home. I often rip apart things to see how they work so i have shoeboxes full of electronic stuff, including all the parts i need to build a simple electro frame. I have it all together now and it would work perfect, BUT, there is one problem. When the pressure of the spring and striker are on the sear( when the gun is cocked) the solenoid doesnt have enough power to move the sear.. I now have 2 batteries hooked up to it and it almost has enough power but not quite.. So my question is, can anyone tell me how Kingman provides enough power to the solenoid with just ONE battery? ALSO, Logically, 2 brand new 9 volt batteries would be putting out together between 14-16 volts right?(no, i dont suck at math, most regular 9 volt batteries put out less then 9 volts) Then why would a power adapter i have, set at *12* volts have enough power to properly fire the gun, yet the two brand new batteries do not..... I just dont understand it
Any help/ideas would be apprectiated.
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