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Smile Custom PVC Gun Stand.... 56k Beware

OK I have seen some gun stands in the past and even got some instructions from members here. So here is mine made out of PVC, that is adjustable for each gun and even for the surface you have it on and collapsible for storage.

I am going to post some pics, parts list and instructions. Here you go....

Parts List
3/4" PVC Pipe Sections

22" long x2
6" long x2
2 5/8" long x2
1 1/4" long x10

1/2" PVC Pipe Section
8 1/4" long x1

3/4 T's x6
3/4 X x1
1/2 to 3/4 T x1
3/4 elbows x4
3/4 cap x4
1/2 cap x1

other parts
2 1/2" cotter pin x1
3/4" pipe insulation 8" x2

PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw
Drill and Drill bit the size of the cotter pin
PVC cement
rule and marker
Dremel with cut off wheel (not necessary but nice to have)

OK here we go.

Pic of all of the parts, it is a good idea to cut all the parts first the lay it all out so you can dry fit everything before you glue.

I don't think you all need a step by step on where the pieces go so here is a pic of the front assembly and the rear assembly (if you want step by step instructions please PM me. NOTE the spots where NOT to glue or it wont be adjustable or collapsible to take up less space.

Front Assembly

Rear Assembly

Stand Completed empty, Collapsed, with my marker in 2 different positions.

All that is left now is to paint it... Any plastic spray paint will work.

Enjoy your build....
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