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Default Cool Old school video! Mock game!

I just copied most from Tyger's post on SCP!

"It's on "Putfile" right now, 10 meg. It's a 1995 video featuring the Ironmen. It was supposed to be a "how to" video, demonstrating how the tactics and techniques to win paintball games. The amusing part is that the Ironmen are all in "Sandanaflague" camo, except for Youngblood in his blacks. The team they're playing against? "Shockwave".

The main body of the video is the Ironmen walking the field. You need to be pretty savvy to understand what they're doing, and to this day I'm still baffled how they came to their conclusions on the field. They then discect a game, talking about everything they did in it and why it worked. Then they finally show you the game.

If nothing else, it's fun to watch the Ironmen in the woods, shooting AUTOCOCKERS. I also still cringe when Shane Pestina slides into the dirt, and you can hear rocks and sand SCRAPE against the air tank. Visually speaking, it's a COOL video. From a learning aspect, it's one of the reasons I did Web Dog the way I did.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate. This will be downloadable on the WDR server at Special Ops within a week.

-Tyger "
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