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Hello there!

I'm Jim Bird, Owner of X-Customs. X-Customs was originally founded in 2002 as a resource for articles, services, and small Spyder performance accessories. Due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, X-Customs was forced inactive in Late 2004 and has been dormant until now. Back with new innovative ideas, concepts, and revolutionary designs, X-Customs is ready to bring new improved performance to the Spyder community. Some of the prized past achievements of X-Customs have included:
*Developing one of the very first Anti-Chop Eye systems for Spyders
*Developing and initializing the very first Hall Effect Sensor application in Spyders (floating trigger concept)
*Completing and documenting a comprehensive comparison of competing Spyder bolts
*Helping spark the magnetic boom in Spyders with its Reaper trigger design
*Offering private upgrade consulting as well as hands-on upgrading
*Offering the very first groupbuy for the first Kingman IPI frames and ESPRIT bodies.

This company policy emphasizes innovation, quality, performance, and above all else, service to the consumer. X-Customs highly values its customers above all else and frequently has taken losses just to help improve the industry. With every new product developed here at X-Customs, innovation is the key objective. Never will you find a slack or low-effort product from X-Customs. Expect to be amazed!

To jumpstart the return of X-Customs, I have brought back the X-Customs 50g Trigger Switch Assembly (50g SwiX for short). Featuring all the great aspects of the competitive switches, this switch also incorporates presoldered and crimped wires. No switch assembly required. This switch is plug-and-play. The 50g SwiX significantly reduces trigger pull weight and allows trigger pull lengths at the activation point as low as 0.5mm (~0.020in). Being one of the cheapest and most effective performance upgrades to an electronic Spyder, X-Customs is proud to reintroduce the 50g SwiX.

Additional larger projects and products are in the developing and prototyping phases right now. More information on these sooner and later.

Check it out at If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or requests, feel free to contact me via PM or email (check website).

Jim Bird
Owner of X-Customs

Edit (06/08/2006):

I've recently overhauled the website. It is very similar to the old site but far improved. Please take a look around and tell me what you think. Enjoy!
X-Customs - President
Quality Spyder Innovation

X-Customs NV - The Pinnacle Spyder Trigger
X-Customs Hall FX Kit - "Genius" Magnetic Trigger Switch System
X-Customs SwiX - 50g Solderless Microswitch

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