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The phantom is da bomb. I'm having some velocity issues with it right now but should have it fixed shortly.

I drove down to Nashville, TN to play with my teammates a week ago and the first game it was 3 phantom's (all the same setup) and one guy with an nme against four guy's with various high end electro's! Let's just say the game was a shutout that lasted about 40 second's for us with the win! I got to the fifty and some kid was just spraying my bunker. I popped out took one shot dropped back in before I could even see if it broke and it did which ended the game with us for the win. Awesome day even though I wasn't shooting over 250 fps all day!

The Timmy just kinda lay's there. I've played with it one time since I've had it. Seem's like I should just get rid of it but it's so pretty I just can't do it! Still planning on 2k5'ing it unless somebody throw's me a really good deal for it! JB.
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