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Default Just got my Guerrilla Reg in...

Well I got my new guerrilla tank reg in and thought i'd give ya guys a little run down.

Looks like this in packaging:

Out of the box:

Installation was really easy. BUT remember its recommended that a qualified airsmith install this for you if you dont know what you are doing.

The reg its self is rather light. The lightest out so far at 4.2 ounces. My Micro Maxflo was 7.3 ounces but it does have an on/off and macro fitting built-in. These regs are supposed to be really high flowing and servicable under full pressure. I bought the LP version because of avaiblity. But if I had the choice I would have bought an HP and bought their LP spring for $10 so I have both LP and HP in the same reg.

On the tank:

Test Results:
None right now. Going to get my tank filled up tonight or tomorrow at the shop and let you guys know. Also have a tourny this weekend so I will really be able to field test it.

Price: $53 shipped Pretty good price compared to some others.
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