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Originally Posted by Team Ramrod
is there any way to control which sections we see? i like that aboutt he old forum, i never visit the mech or pump sections so i just hid thoes, can we do that here? or is that a planned improvement?
You can click on the dark bars in the corner and it will hide what you don't want to see. Already done that!

Originally Posted by Painguin
Hey im kinda new to paintball, is a spyder like a timmy or an angel. I was just wonderin becasue my friend said they were and his spyder can shoot 50 bps.
You're kidding, right?

Your friend is a dork. It can cycle that fast, or faster, but there's no way in Hades it can shoot paint that fast.

#1, it would be a blender because there isn't a hopper than can keep up, and #2, Spyders are blow backs and Timmy's, Angels, Shockers, DM's so on and so forth are Ram or Spool valve which is a whole other WORLD different. Not to mention quality control issues.

Did I mention your friend is a dork for saying that? Unless you're kidding, then ignore this post!
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