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Default Re: OK I want a pump... Help!

Recon got it. CCI offers all the accessories that you need to make any type of configuration you want. stock feed or direct feed. back bottle or bottom line. internally, every Phantom is the same. except for maybe minor changes to the new models. but, the Phantoms really have not changed since it was created.

there are no upgrades for the Phantom. though, i think Airsoldier makes some custom items. also, many of the popular barrel manufacturs makes a barrel for it. though, i have not experienced any barrel out shoot the stock barrel. makes Brass Eagle paint look good! i have been able to out get much better accuracy as compared to a Tippmann Flatline at long distances.

tech support is excellent. nearly 100% of the time that you call CCI and talk to a human, it is the owner. real nice fellow.

my CCI prices - if you don't see something on CCI's website that i do not have a price for, let me know.
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