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I did have a few issues with my GTI, but it has 140,000 miles on it and I still own it. If you take good care of it, and do your research if you decide to do any upgrades, you should be fine. The issues I had with mine started when I increased my horsepower and torque significantly.

Problems I had and cause:
Clutch went out - Happened at around 120,000 miles and appeared to be the original clutch. OEM clutches were not built to handle the power I was putting out.

Blown Head Gasket - Running too much boost, which will kill the head gasket pretty quick.

Engine mounts - Couldn't handle the power, had to upgrade to a stiffer, aftermarket mount

Syncros going bad - This is my most recent problem, not sure this was caused by the increased power or not, but I'm betting on it.

Like I said, I still have the GTI. It is in storage right now and I plan on rebuilding everything, the right way. Eventually it will put out 350-400hp.
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