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Been doing alright. Working lots, and haven't made many friends outside of work It's actually been a very long time (never) since I've not had any friends where I am, so I've kind of forgotten how to make friends, hahaha. It's especially difficult when a lot of folks are pretty set in their ways and the people they hang out with -- and I also don't drink haha.

That said, I'll be working where I am for at least another year and a half, so I have sometime. With that, also, I've thought about what I want to do when the program I am in is done (Engineering Development Program) and I think I may try to either A. work for an engineering firm of sorts or B. get my Masters or even both! I need to take the GRE though.......

Thus is my life so far; if anyone is in the Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois area (or Chicago) let me know!

How are things at your new workplace -- going pretty well?

Also, I bought a drill press yesterday that is as old as me for 35 dollars (Craftsman 8" 3 speed bench top drill press).. Catch was that it didn't have a chuck. Turns out finding a replacement is near impossible since it's been obsoleted. And unfortunately there are no markings on the 'arbor/spindle' to tell me if it is actually a Jacobs taper or if it is just some taper that Craftsman decided to use. I might just have to take it apart and have it measured. I'm guessing worst case scenario is I can just put it back on Craigslist and sell it. But I'm hoping to either be able to turn the spindle (if it's not too hardened) to fit another type of chuck or turn it down and tap it or something..
Good times, good times.

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