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Default Re: Who still plays paintball?

Ok. So Tim already caught me fumbling with getting these off my phone onto google plus.

I'm loving the LV1 right now. The last gun I shot that was even close to this nice was the protege about 5 years ago. The LV1 has about 4 cases through it on stock settings and I'm about to start tuning it. It's surprisingly quiet (especially for an ego) and shoots phenomenally well. Out of the box it was 275/280 fps so I haven't touched it aside from lubing the bolt. The first shot I swore it was shooting 220/200fps, it's so soft. Shooting marballizer, I haven't had a single break yet with ~8000 on the shot counter.

The pistols on the other hand, are like blenders. I haven't been able to play on a field with the training pistol, but I typically expect 1 break in barrel per mag. I turned it down to about 230fps to get it to about 1 every 2 magazines and the paint still breaks on targets. The tippmann is strange. I can actually play with it and it doesn't chop much, but the internals are very touchy. I have a new bolt and spring kit for it that are basically occupying space in my gear bag because they cause it to chop like crazy. I get 3 mags per 12g, so I can't complain too much, but I'd like to be able to tune it more -- without a better reg setup, there's not much I can do without making it a blender. It's a blast to play with, but if you buy one, only get the barrel and loads of mags. I play with this when the LV1 gets too easy (even at 6bps semi -- what I play with for rec players) its easy mode. Still trying to get a pistol bunker. I have quite a few welts to show for that endeavor.
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