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Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
I'm doing alright Josh, just really busy around the house and at work lately. We decided to rearrange things and invited a friend to move in with us since we had a spare room and he needed one. My wife got promoted at work to a Lead, and is next in line for supervisor/account manager for the client. She is also training our dog to be a diabetic alert service animal and he is doing great at that. I'm still working at the circuit board place, never a dull moment there.

How is your new job?

Hoss, what's cracking Ginger?
I'm glad things are going okay for you.

I'm enjoying working again, and really like the company I am working for. I must be doing okay because they installed our file management system on my laptop and gave me permission to check files out and promoted them through our development environments to live.
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