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Default Re: The CEF WANTS YOU for OK D-Day 2013

June is almost here! Have you signed up yet? The Commonwealth is looking for troops to take Sword Beach, Caen and Pegasus Bridge. These will be some of the most intense battles on the morning of the big game. Want to play in a paintball tank? The 13th/18th Royal Hussars need troops to man our four tanks and three planes. Shoot up the Germans in the relative safety of a tank!

Come and join our international team of scenario players from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, United States, and Wales. What better way to spend a summer paintball vacation, than with new international friends? If you go to a large event in North America, Europe or Australia, chances are that you will find your CEF brothers and sisters there, as well. So, sign up today!

We offer group meals, shelter in steel shipping containers with air conditioning and bunks, a military style full auto shoot midweek and team training with the other CEF and Allied units. The full auto shoot is open to all attendees of OK D-Day.

From the PX, preorder for clothing items for delivery to OK D-Day will end on May 5, so get your orders in for CEF uniform items, Player Packs, D-Day t-shirts, Member at Large t-shirts, polos, hoodies, ball caps, travel mugs, full auto shoot registration and Conex rental.
Contact Sir Raymond at to answer your questions.
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