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I completely forgot about the chat last night, I will really try to get on tonight.

I've been looking for a job since December last year, right before I graduated. I had a bunch of interviews right when I graduated and then pretty much nothing up until now. I just hope one of the jobs pan out. No school and no work is getting very boring.

Both the PHP and Jr C# developer positions look promising. If I were offered both I'm not sure which one I would take. The PHP has the work environment I'm looking for and I think I could make a home there, however I don't necessary want to be doing PHP Development. I can't see myself working for the other place for an extended period of time, maybe a year so I could get some good .NET experience, but it is doing something I really want to do.

I saw that you had a new job, can't remember where, either Facebook (before you deleted your profile) or LinkedIn, congrats!
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