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Do you have Charter, Leed? They BLOWWWWWW. Lol. Overpriced garbage with constant downtimes and zero support or announcements on why.

And a question actually. I'm having weird connection issues on my laptop. I'm running wifi, and I constantly get lag spikes and sometimes disconnect from the connection altogether, and the only way to get it back is to disconnect from the network and reconnect. It's a consistent lag, and I mainly notice it when playing League of Legends. I have a steady 50-60 ping and I have a consistent lag spike every ~30 seconds to a minute apart, where my ping jumps to 200+ for about 5 seconds at a time. I thought maybe our router wasn't able to keep up with our internet speeds(it was an old linksys router with wireless g only) because we are running around 4-5 devices on the network at any given time.(TV with netflix, my laptop, girlfriends macbook(ughhhh), and my iPhone usually) I bought a new router to see if it would help at all and it does the same thing. I know our connection speeds are fast enough(or supposed to be....go charter!)and the router is supposed to handle up to 6 devices. Last night it seemed to be doing okay(That or I wasn't noticing the lag), and then my girlfriend got on her macbook, and it seemed to come back. I don't know if that has to do with anything though. Any ideas on what could be happening? Maybe the modem isn't capable of handling the speeds? Because I know it's an older model modem compared to what you can get nowadays.
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