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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Yesterday was a busy and exciting day for me at school.

Got an email from one of my professors last night... Told me that I had the highest grade in the class and therefore did not have to take the final!

Finished my C# final project. That class is complete, just have to present (really just show functionality, not code) to the class.

My group presented our big project for our CIS capstone class. Already got the grade back on that, 94% for the presentation and 95% for the project. That class is done now.

All I have left is to finish my eCommerce website, and take 2 finals, then I graduate!
Hooray! I finally graduated yesterday. About damn time. Diploma does not come until mid-February.. But I received and accepted a job offer in Rockford, IL this past week. And I finally bought a freaking car!
Good times, good times.
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