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Default NXE pod pack, Ninja 48ci 3000psi Aluminum, and Spyder Victor II

Hey guys, I know i don't post a lot here anymore, but looking to sell a few of my stuff here.
I got three things I'm selling
Paypal only or pick-up
All Firm includes shipping

Nxe Pro Pak Plus 3+2+2 - $25 includes 3 pods
In good condition, a little dirty, and it has a tear on belt

Ninja 48/3000 Dark Star tank - $37
Still fresh with normal use, can't tell with readings if it needs hydro in 2017 or 2018

Spyder Victor II - $57
It's been with me since 2005 don't get to use it anymore
Seen a lot of use but still works great comes with stock barrel and 32* 14" Barrel
Great for Rec-Ball
Contains the following:
ESP Frame T- Board
Magna Valve with ND Valve Pin
Drilled VA
Polished Striker
Bandit Bolts 2 O-ring Delrin Bolt
Custom Trigger
ND Feedneck
Rex Expansion Chamber

Or get all three for $95
PBAZ Video of all of Kingman's Spyders as of 2008

VS2:Stock, red body kit, 14" 32* Whisper barrel, Fasta
Victor 2:halfbacked, ESP Frame T- Board, VS2 Barrel, Magna Valve, ND Valve Pin, Drilled VA, Polished Striker, Bandit 2 O-ring Delrin Bolt, Custom Trigger, Rex Expansion Chamber, ND Feedneck, T-board

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