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Default At we do Black Friday like a fat guy orders pizza

Extra Large.

Our Black Friday Specials

All Black, Blue, Clear macroline available in continuous lengths of five feet for $4.00
All yellow, red, green and clear are available in pre cut one foot lengths, five for $2.00
All 90 degree colored swivel fittings $6.00
All cocker/timmy ego hoses five feet continuous for $3.00 (all colors)
All wrath large bore ion hoses five feet continuous for $3.00 (all colors)
All ion hose kits buy one get one free (all colors)

Tool Box Items

All Ashcroft gauges include a free microfiber- $9.00 (all ratings)
All mini 0-300 gauges include a free microfiber- $6.00
Teflon tape- 2 rolls for a $1.00
Slick honey- buy an ounce of slick honey get 3 free pieces of precut macroline
Orings picks for $1.00
Premium microfiber- 3 for $5.00
All specially marked screw kits- $2.00 and include a piece of precut macroline
Macroline cutter- $9.00
Gold Cup gun oil- $3.00

On the field needs
Dye swabs for $3.00
Annex straight shot for $3.00
Rubber fill nipple covers for $1.00
Triflow includes a free piece of macroline at $4.00

Plus many other great items on
Shipping is a flat rate in the US for 3.00 first class, 5.50 priority mail and 13.25 for international orders shipped usps global priority

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