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You have my intentions wrong in that statement. I view "the two choices" as stagnation of the current climate OR continuing to drop even further. Seeing the country fail just so I can blame someone is false, I just want an opportunity for the country to really turn around and boom again. I just feel people aren't going to open their eyes and change anything until we hit rock bottom. Yes it's a huge gamble, yes I admit I am most likely wrong, I just hope somebody or something comes along to shake it up.

And the only people who really want to be president are power hungry politicians who plan their entire careers around getting elected for the sake of getting elected for four years and then possibly reelected.

I have been fighting with myself and my heart hurts over this. I truly want whats best for us and I am pretty willing to sacrifice four years if there is a better outcome on the other side.

Over simplified? Sure. Too many old timey novels? Possibly.
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