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Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
On the same side, if Obama does get elected I slightly hope the country will crash so that we finally have room and reason to change things in a meaningful way. So that America will be a phoenix. Again, idealism mixed with me being a romantic. Ugh.
This is sad. I hate seeing that instead of support, of whoever the president is, people would rather see our country fail. I'm not saying that I like Obama, just in general, whether you are a republican, democrat, or whatever other party you classify yourself as, its sad that people dislike a single person so much that they want to see an entire country, their country fail, just so that person looks bad.

Another thing I hate is how people make the status of our country the fault of 1 person. This is not North Korea or Nazi German, 1 person is not making all the decisions for the entire country. We have different branches of government and really if you look at everything, the president is really just a face and a voice of the country. We actually have a Republican House right now and the Senate is almost evenly split, with the Democrats having a slight majority.

I hate the whole party line division and war there always is. I also think that neither the republican or democratic candidates this year are quality. I don't think we have had a quality candidate from either of the big parties in sometime. If you really think about it though, who would really want to be president anymore? You have people wishing the entire country would fail just so they can put the blame on you. Your family's lives are uprooted and changed forever. So many people HATE you and your family, you get death threats all the time, although I doubt the presidential families ever see them, I'm sure they are aware of them. Which qualified person (intelligent person) would ever want that?

All this being said Marv, you should vote for whomever you feel is the best candidate, regardless of whether or not they are a mainstream candidate or not. If you like someone other that Romney or Obama, I think you should vote for them. Your vote is your vote, not anybody else's.
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