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Originally Posted by leed View Post
My activity on PbNation has ceased a bit, even in the OT I've gotten tired of the all so common "know everything complex" found within users.

I will be graduating here soon... Only two months left, more or less. Just looking for a job. I have a 3.396 overall and a 3.59 in my major (Mech E) with an internship with Canon and I've been running into a lot of dead ends. I had a phone interview with Honda Mfg but I haven't quite heard back from them yet, sad to say. I've gotten positive feedback about my interview from other companies in mock interviews.

Beyond that I grow tired of my non-major classes for my minor as they're just tedious and irritating at this point.

Other than that I'm just looking for a car (no trucks though) that can haul some toys for a year or two.
Congrats! I too will be graduating in 2 months, BS in Computer Information Systems. Right now my gpa is 3.82, but I have a feeling I might not remain above the 3.8 mark to get Sigma Cum Laude. Just because I have 2 gen-ed classes, Intro to Corporate Finance and Supply Chain Management, both of which I have absolutely no interest in, so I'm not working as hard as I should in them. I wasn't going to walk, so I didn't really care about honors cords, I was recently talked into walking, still really don't care about honors cords.

Originally Posted by durrell View Post
Thanks dudes. What's going on with you guys?

I see PBN is suffering a similar fate. Not much going on over there either.
I'm still over on PbN, but I don't post much outside of the staff forum, and never have. Going to California tomorrow for the Decay of Nations, should be fun.

Other than that, school, school, and school, well besides my car. Just got done replacing my head gasket, and installed a new interior.

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