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My activity on PbNation has ceased a bit, even in the OT I've gotten tired of the all so common "know everything complex" found within users.

I will be graduating here soon... Only two months left, more or less. Just looking for a job. I have a 3.396 overall and a 3.59 in my major (Mech E) with an internship with Canon and I've been running into a lot of dead ends. I had a phone interview with Honda Mfg but I haven't quite heard back from them yet, sad to say. I've gotten positive feedback about my interview from other companies in mock interviews.

Beyond that I grow tired of my non-major classes for my minor as they're just tedious and irritating at this point.

Other than that I'm just looking for a car (no trucks though) that can haul some toys for a year or two.
Good times, good times.
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