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I have bought a lot of cars in my life, between the age of 18 and 22, I owned 7 different cars. When people come to me and ask for advice there are a couple things I tell them, not only because of my experience with buying cars but also because my best friend has been a car salesman, and now finance director of a dealership, for a long time, and this is some of the stuff he has told me.

First, dealerships make the most money on used cars. I'm guessing they took that car in for around $3000, and put $500 into it to get it ready for sale. So I wouldn't just go in and say, "I'll take it!" at the current price, try to knock them down a bit. Never go in and agree on their sticker price, ever.

Second, tell them you want a CarFax report, the full report. Most dealerships pay a yearly fee to get as many CarFax reports as they want, so this shouldn't be a big deal. If they make a big deal about getting it for you, I would be leery of the car.

Third, make sure you drive the crap out of the car on the test drive. Don't just drive it on the mundane streets that surround the dealership, take it on the highway, get it up to speed, test the breaks, steering, etc... Make sure there are no funny noises and that it feels right in every aspect of driving.

Finally, and the most important in my mind, never go into a dealership thinking you are going to drive a car off the lot that day, EVER. Be prepared to walk away. 99% of the time you aren't really walking away. Typically, if you even get off the lot, they will be ringing your phone before you even get home trying to get you back in the dealership, most of the time they call with a better price. They don't want you to leave though, they can't sell you a car if you aren't there.

For this particular car, it has pretty high mileage. 126k is a lot of miles for any car, although Subarus are pretty solid. Typically banks won't even give out loans for cars with 100k+ miles. That being said I'm going to guess you have a little power here. If I were you, and after I test drove the crap out of it, I'd offer $8,000 (+ fees). If they so no, say, "Thank you for your time." get up, and leave. Don't fall for any crap like, "We have a lot of people looking at this car, if you leave now it will probably get sold later today."

Another good idea, is try an see if how long it has been on the lot.

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