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How would Romney, someone who has no sense of reality, be better than Obama? I'm not saying that I support Obama, or that he has done a great job, but Romney, they guy has no clue. I live in Gilbert, AZ, which is a predominately Mormon community. Friends that I have who are Mormon, HATE Romney.

Another thing I would like to point out is that the president doesn't do much, he is more of a face. People always complain about presidents and what they did or didn't do, but really, the president doesn't have much power. If he makes a decision, thats not the finally say, the senate and congress have to agree too.

I think there are 2 problems keeping this country from moving forward. First, the democratic and republican parties have grown so far apart, its not even funny. Second, politicians are all a bunch of crooked, lying, power hungry douches. They don't get into politics to give the people a voice anymore, they get into politics for their own ego and to have power.

I hate politics...

That is all.
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