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There has been a huge rift between us for the past month or two where he constantly acts like im a piece of **** while refusing to talk to me to explain why he is upset. During this time he has been poking at me and poking at me to get under my skin (we also work together btw) and that night we were all downstairs with some people over playing pool. He randomly starts yelling at me, I start yelling back, he waves a pool cue in my face saying "what are you going to do about it *****" ssoooo I punched him in the face. The next x number of minutes were spent rolling around hitting each other in the head. Our carpet now has significant blood stains and the shirt i was wearing is now completely unusable.

The thought of throwing the punch never once crossed my mind, it just sort of happened. Now I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.
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