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Default Spyder MR2 question

Hi all,

I'm a fairly casual paintball player, and I bought a MR2 a few years ago. I went to charge my battery for play, and when I went to turn on the marker, the LEDs behind the trigger did not light up. I also tried a brand new battery, thinking that maybe the battery just didn't hold the charge. That did not work. I'm fairly certain that I may have shorted out the board using an incorrect charging cord. Since I only play maybe once or twice per year, I'm looking to repair the marker rather than replace it. I'm not versed at all in soldering, and would like to get out of this fairly cheap. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Much appreciated.

Edit: Also, if it isn't possible to do it without soldering, does anyone know how much it would cost for a repair? If I'm looking at $60+, I may just be better off buying a newer model.

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