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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Awesome! Everything going okay?

Everything is going pretty well, actually! She is super active inside there, and always looks like Jenna's belly has an alien in it! Only hiccup we've had is that Jenna was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, so she's on a pretty strict nutritional diet and is pretty miserable because she misses her candy and cereal! LOL. Hopefully we will be getting another 3d ultrasound done within the week, so I should be able to show you what she looks like some-what.

Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
Oh lord that felt really fast!
You're telling me! It felt like time FLEW up until about 2 weeks ago. Now it just feels like time is dragging on and on and on. Jenna said that she'd rather keep her in there for 2 years though, says she isn't ready. Me on the other hand, am just ready for her to come, so I'm like hell ya bring on the labor. Although we still need to rearrange the room, shampoo the carpet, put the new TV up, etc etc.
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