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It was ok while it lasted, lol. We went out a few times over a couple of weeks - maybe 4-5 times.

She ended up a bit um, psychotic maybe?, and too hung up on her ex to really be dating. Turns out her ex wasn't actually an "ex" yet so that issue came up on a few occasions (late night mysterious phone calls with the caller hanging up, and interesting drive know, high school crap done by an adult male.... ) And although her kids like me, they were a bit weirded out by having "Mr. B" dating their mom, so yeah - I ended up not calling her after a while and told her when she gets her **** straightened out, give me a call.

I will and can say this, though. She didn't just look good fully clothed, if you catch my drift, lol! Probably the best body on a female I've ever dated....
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