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I'd still go with a bat. First, it'd allow me to keep YOU away from me (at a distance). Second, I'm pretty damn strong. IF I connect, you aren't deflecting it. It will break something or put it to sleep so you can't use it. Third, you're implying that I'm just wildly swinging. A real fighter won't do that. He'd pick his shots, and have just as many openings as the guy with the knife. As i said before, you're going to have to be quick and perfect to hit an organ to slow me down. Finally, you can do more with a bat than just swing it. You can deflect with it, you can block with it, you can jab with it, you can push with it.

A knife? To use it effectively you have to get close and you can only slash or stick. It's small, too. If you're lucky, or a master trained knife wielder, you MIGHT hit something vital and slow the person down - but that would be right before the guy hit you in the head and beat you to death with the bat.

Baseball bat, all day long.
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