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Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
All im saying is that the bat is only useful at a certain distance, and breaking that threshold only takes a small calculation and two steps.
And all I'm saying, is I would never let anybody get in that close. Your arguments for the knife make it sound like to person with the bat is a moron and won't try to evade you. If I have the bat, I'm not just going to be swinging haphazardly. I'm going to be just as selective as you are saying you would be with the knife. I'm going to make sure all my swings count, and I'm going to do everything in my power not to let get close to me. My first objective would be to swing at the hand your holding that knife in. I connect, and you lose that knife, you're done.

In the end UK is right, there are too many variables to say one or the other is better.
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