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Finally got the nerve to ask a woman out tonight. We've been chatting it up on Facebook a lot lately - mainly Chuck Norris jokes and whatnot, but it's been fun. She made a post about starting over tonight (and a couple over the past few days) so I decided to message her and see if she was still married. Turned into an interesting conversation, without too much information. However, it turns out, she's separated, but ready to move on. I asked her if she liked bowling and she said yes, so I asked her out and she let me know that in a couple of weeks, she'd love to! She's also very into sports, so that opens it up a bit to taking a few trips to ballgames and such.

Ok, big problem. I'm a bit nervous because it's been about 3 and a half years since my wife and I split after being married for nearly 23 years. I've gone out with a few girls (3) over the past couple of years - two one night dates (my fault for not having more with them - they were willing, I think - I just wasn't ready yet) and one for about four weeks. So I took a chance, and I hope I didn't make a mistake!

Problem #1 - I actually taught this woman's daughter a few years ago. This makes me a little nervous. Also, I work with her sister, well, we're both elementary teachers. (Her sister is in another building.) I just don't want this to fail and then get around the school, yanno?

Problem #2 - the real reason I'm nervous is because she's REALLY good looking (she comes from a good looking family, too) and I'm, well, let's say that I've let depression and stuff get to me over the past 3 years and I'm not as in shape as I was. In fact, I've gained a TON of weight! Even though I'm working on losing it, I haven't yet and there's no way I can in the next two weeks.

Yes, I do have a bit of insecurity at work here. Who wouldn't after all I went through? So, I hope I can fake confidence through the whole thing and let my other attributes shine through like my sense of humor, intelligence, manners and gentleman crap I learned shine through. Dating's scary, much less the second go around. Do women even go for that stuff anymore? She really seems like a nice woman, and like I said, she's gorgeous! I really think I'm ready, but this overweight thing worries me. Especially since she's very into sports.

I don't know - just hoping to get some confidence boosts, I guess.
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