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Originally Posted by leed View Post
Be careful of the charging system.. It's likely you'll need to get a new stator coil or have the old one re-spun. I would also check out the Regulator/Rectifier to see that is in shape. Make sure you get over to SOHC, if you need any help they have lots of resources! By the way, which one did you get, the left or the right?

Mmmmm.. Torquey.. Pardon the crappy picture hahaha

Also: Marv.. I'm on your turf now. Your traffic sucks nuts.
The red Shadow. I might've considered getting the second one too, but I only had the cash for one. And I like the 70s Chopper-esque look of it. Nice thing is there are still plenty of parts out there for them. the 67 looks like way too much work. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for it to just be a battery and fluid change as the bike was running when it was stored. It was even tuned up just before storage. the plugs and wires look new. As well the fuel pump, FP relay, starter solenoid and starter have been changed. I think it'll be a nice first road bike. I'd have considered a sport bike, but I plan on some long distance rides for one, and for two, I'd look ridiculous on one. Even a larger one.
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I can't believe I'm saying this... but don't bash the Rails. :X
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