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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
looks more like the old retarded cousin LOL j/k

on a side note I am HUNG OVER AS ****!
I know.. she's a little... rough.

But nothing some elbow grease and a winter in my basement won't fix. It cranks strong but we didn't try and fire it as the gas thats in there is at least 5 years old. The previous (and 1st) owner fell ill and the bike was parked in a barn. In two weeks I fork over the rest of the cash (paid 200 of $600) and cart it home. Good news is parts are cheap (and everything expensive was already replaced: starter, solenoid, fuel pump). But it's my first bike in like 10 years, and my first road bike ever.
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Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
I can't believe I'm saying this... but don't bash the Rails. :X
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