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lmao wut. 93 940 turbo wagon for sale in VA.
He actually lowered the price too. 2500 is current :P

Originally Posted by mgcarma View Post
After two years of driving bliss, it is time for me to sell the unmolested 940.

I bought this car from the original owner's daughter. The original owner bought the 940 new and gave it to his daughter in 2009. She drove it for about six months and then it broke an alternator belt and it sat in her driveway after being towed home.

This is when I came in. The daughter put the car up on craigslist, and I bought it.

Took it home and did the usual:
New timing belt, water pump, all new gaskets to include valve cover gasket. Removed fuel injectors, cleaned and reinstalled with new O-rings. Changed crankcase breather box as it was leaking.
Replaced/repaired the down pipe to main exhaust exhaust donut and clamp.
Replaced rear shocks.
All new brake pads/rotors.
Tune up with new wires, plugs, distributor cap and rotor.

Hydra wheels and Michelin tires.
Emergency brake cable.

Turbo works great, 336K miles and I'd drive it anywhere. No smoke, no oil consumption. Very minor oil leak from the oil pan gasket.

Unmolested. I checked with the previous owner's mechanic and he had the rear main seal replaced at 250K, along with a great service history. The guy apparently lived in Maine and went to Florida on a very regular basis.

No rust on the car anywhere, except for a half dollar size bubbling of paint on the driver's B post. Easily fixed.
The heated seats do not work. The radio is original as is everything on this car.

Price $2500 OBO.

The car has minor dings from a well used life, but the paint is in great shape. The roof's clearcloat has blown and will need to be wet sanded and reshot if it matters to you.

Sunroof does NOT leak, works great.
A/C blows Cold and works great as does the heat.
The only thing that needs to be sorted is the rear windshield wiper works, but the wiper does not park correctly.

The cruise control works, but is about 10mph off. Probably has a vacuum leak.

Comes with a bunch of spare parts to include factory turbo hoses and misc tune up bits.

Located in Culpeper, Va

More pics of interior soon. For now, here are the exterior pics:

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