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Default Looking at markers(MR4)

Looking at some good markers and spyder seems to be the one my friends send me to the most often. I don't know how these really start so I'll start off with my play style

I generally play in scenario and wood ball games, capture the flag, eliminate the team, defend the bunker and sniper trail(love that game). Generally as a player I like to find a good kneeling spot and fire off at the opposing team from a distance. I've only played at a field twice and both time were with a rental(As I still haven't gotten my gun working as of yet.). They gave us some tippman 98 with stock barrels and such and they were fun to play with but I wanted to bring in something more to my play style and get a longer distance to my game.

So I looked up some good markers that were in my price range(0-200) and the mr4 stood out to me. Originally I was told to buy used from the field owners as they are cheaper but my friends tell me that unless you familar with how a paintball gun works, it is best to get a new one and work off that one.

Anyways my question here is, is the MR4 good for a beginner for one and someone who likes to create a distance between the other players? If so, a 14 inch barrel is what I want for this right? I've heard anything past 16 inch only decreases performance.
IF the MR4 isn't what you recommend, what do you recommend?

Thank you and if I left anything out, please do tell.
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