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Default Re: Soc Gdt

So viking has turned into the project from hell ever since I got it back from anno.

What it has done:
-Wouldn't shoot over 175fps
-got it to shoot consistant at 260, wouldn't go higher
-bolt then stuck forward and noid leaked
-2 days and a crap ton of time later it shoots 285 +/- 2 for four pods
-3 shots into the 5 pod I got this:

Ram shaft snapped off inside the hammer!!

I am beyond pissed at this point, I have never had a gun give me this much trouble before. I am to the point where I want to fix it and sell it, which believe it or not I am actually considering. It might not be the most expensive gun I have ever owned but my personal "out of pocket" expense is by far the most I have ever forked over for a gun, no noob trades on this one. I think that is what is making me so pissed off, all this money spent and nothing to show for it but a wall hanger at this point.

On a side note I ordered a bunch of parts for my motorcycle to cheer me up

Back to gun whoring.....

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