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Default My new(er) Hotness

Hey spyder forums long time no see,
Thought I'd drop by and decided to show what I'm workin with.

-its a 2004 alias in a black shocktech body and shocktech clamping feedneck
-really old board only has semi and the standard features such as dwell debounce (no mdbounce) and BIP.
-360 bob long reg
-Pillow bolt
-Eigen ram
-J&J edge barrel kit
-Lurker eyes
-Lurker Battery Harness
-I think the trigger is from a dragon intimidator but I'm not sure because I'm not the original owner.
-Old style CP twist on/off and CP gauge
-Hybrid contract killer grips (THESE ARE AMAZING)
-Hybrid adjustable ram cap
-Vlocity junior hopper with gangster chip

Hello to old friends and prospective new ones.
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