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I ride the light rail to school, the light rail is sorta like a subway or the "L" in Chicago, except its rides across rails that at street level. Its way cheaper to ride the light rail to school, $150 for a year light rail pass vs $500 per semester to park on campus. Today I got off the light rail and crossed the tracks in a non-designated area. There happened to be a light rail cop there, that I didn't see who stopped me. He wrote me a ticket in the amount of $90. Here is the kicker, while he detained me to write me a ticket, a number of people crossed at the same spot I did. I asked him if he was going to stop any of them and he said, "Nope." WTF?!?!?!?! I know where I crossed I was not suppose to, but if I'm going to get a ticket why shouldn't everyone else? The cop didn't even say anything to the people who crossed illegally after me. If I want to protest the ticket I have to do it within 7 days. I'm not going to because I did cross illegally, my only argument is that other people crossed as well without getting a ticket, then its his word vs mine.
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