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Default Back in the game.

So I started playing again... (auto-x and paintball? Here's to being broke but happy)

Team Murder Machine lives again. My co-captain and I decided to revive the name and we have a local pump paintball team. It's a throw together team to have fun and play events. We're going PSP this year Chicago and Jersey.

First tourney is on Sunday at GRC. It's a mech/pump league. We will have two, three-man teams there competing.

The objective of the team was to have a good time, play events and play for cheap. Pump was the answer. We have a good amount of veteran paintballers this time (some have been playing as long as the game has been around) and I couldn't be more excited.

Wish us luck! I'll try to keep updated. I haven't played in a tourney since NPPL Buffalo in '08 lmao.

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