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Default My "clear some space" and "get projects finished" sale

Hi All,

As the title suggests... I need to clear some space and, hopefully, get some money to help me progress on my other projects. All this stuff is either parts I got with other stuff I bought or stuff I bought then decided to go in a different direction. Either way they're excess to requirements so I'm offering them up for sale.

My 'rules' stuff...
Please post here and PM me if there's something you're after.
I'll try to post up clear pics and/or descriptions but please ask any questions before buying.
If you need more pics, again, please ask.
Prices are 'Or Best Offer' but please try not to lowball.
Items are in the UK and will ship from there.
All items are used unless otherwise stated.
Shipping is not included in the price and will be calculated per package.
There is no minimum spend limit but you can save on shipping if you buy more.
Tracking will be included within mainland UK only unless requested otherwise. Tracking will cost extra for anywhere outside mainland UK.
I can ship worldwide but shipping will be more outside mainland UK.
UK payments in GBP (£) via Paypal, cheque or money/postal order (although Paypal is preferred). International payments via Paypal only.
Payments can be in GBP (GB£), USD (US$), or any other currency if paid via Paypal.
I will not be held responsible for lost packages or customs charges. Please purchase tracking or specify a particular courier if this is a concern.

Autococker Stuff

1) 2003 Pro-Stock body set. Comes with stock internals and barrel - £50
2) 2k length delrin bolt & pin - £5 - White.
3) Stock bolt - £5 - No internal screw, spring or ball. Will not hold a bolt pin without them. Alternatively you can use a push type bolt pin.
4) Black 15* eBlade ASA - £18 - I got this especially for a project but it's not as angled as other 15* ASAs.
5) Black CCM S5 Tapered - £16
6) Black CCM S5 Straight - £14
7) Dark Blue Straight 2k - £10 - From a WGP Nightkast
8) Light Blue Straight 2k - £10 -
9) Raw Angled 2k5 - £10 - Same as a 2k5 Black Magic ASA
10) Chrome Straight Pre2k - £10
11) System X Beavertail - £7 - Silver.
12) Unbranded unported black barrel - £8 - I can't remember where I got this one from. All I know is that I've never used it myself.
13) Bob Long Long Shot barrel - £15
14) Dye Xcel barrel - £20
15) Old School 'All American' style barrel - £15 - Came with an old pre-2k Autococker.
SOLD! 16) CCM Valve & Pin - £25 - Fitted once but not fired before being removed. Comes with valve spring and valve jam nut shown.

Spyder Stuff

17) Viewloader Genesis - £45 - Got this to use as a loaner for my nephews. Now they've moved on to their own markers so I no longer need this one. It'll more than likely need new seals as it's been in storage since at least 2007. Comes with matching barrel.
18) Paradox MF-1 - £45 - Got this new when I started back in 2004. It didn't get used until my nephews got old enough to try out paintball. From that point on it became a loaner for them but now that they've moved on to their own markers so I no longer need this one. It'll more than likely need new seals as it's been in storage since at least 2007. Comes with barrel shown.
19) Powergames Ceramik Series barrel - £20
20) Dragun TES body - £20 - I got this for another project which I don't have the time or money to continue. I've never used it myself but it looks pristine.
21) Kingman Spyder Pilot ACS body - £12 - It's a bit scratched up and has a rather untidy milling job for a top cocking bolt. I was going to tidy it up and use it on a Spimmy project that I no longer have the time or money for. No internals. Priced to go.
22) Chrome back block/RVA - £3 each - No RVA screws
23) Black Clamping Feedneck - £5 - Screw type clamp. Came off a used Raven Primal. Tabs style.
24) Green Feedneck - £3 - Came off an old Kingman Spyder Imagine. Holes style.
25) Rear block pin - £2
26) Hammer spring guides - £1 each
27) Alloy rear cocking bolt - £5 - Came from a used Kingman Spyder Rodeo. Venturi was removed by previous owner.
28) Alloy rear cocking bolt - £5 - Came from a Kingman Spyder Rodeo. Used for about 6 walk-on days before I upgraded to delrin. Still has venturi.
29) Alloy top cocking bolt - £5 - Came from a Raven Nexion. Removed from new marker. Never seen a day of play. Still has venturi.
30) Dragun TES/The One Trigger Frames - £15 each - One has a microswitch. The other is bare of electronics.
31) Striker - £3 each - Came from a Kingman Spyder Rodeo, Pilot ACS and Raven Nexion.

Tippmann A5 Stuff

32) Nickle upper receivers - £45 - I'd started polishing the internals but didn't remove the thick nickle plating from around the tube. I don't have the time to finish this off at the moment so whoever buys these will need to finish this job otherwise they might not seal properly.
33) Stock Bottomline - £5
34) Front Grip - £10
35) Stock A5 barrel - £10
36) A5 Apex Barrel - £10 - No apex tip included. I was going to cut this down to make an Apex adapter out of it but never got round to doing so.
SOLD! 37) Stock internals - £20
38) Stock hopper - £5
39) Adjustable stock - £10
40) A5 Response Trigger Kit - £40 - "Bought it but never used it." The previous owner said that to me when I got it. Then I never fitted it to any of my A5's. Was going to give it to my nephew but he's looking to go electro. Instruction pamphlet has been well read.

Intimidator Stuff

41) PBK (Paintball Kingdom) Lightning Trigger - £15
42) Dancer/Lady eye covers (raw) - £15
43) Trucker/Lady eye covers - £15 - Got the usual surface scratches but look ok.
44) 2k2 Body - £25 - Has wear from use and the feedneck was cold welded/JB Welded by a previous owner. Does not come with eye covers.
45) Warped 45 Grips - £2 - Window cut out poorly by previous owner.
46) Front Regulator Mount & LPR - £25 - Comes with Bob Long micro guage pictured.
47) Ram & Cap - £10 - Used. Ram bumper was worn out so I threw it away.
48) Next Level bolt & pin - £10

Misc. Stuff

49) Camoflage padded marker case - £15 - Well used. Got it with a Tippmann A5 some time ago. It stored the MF-1 and Genesis for the last few years.
50) Apex Barrel Blocker - £5 - As new as can be. Got it with my Apex barrel but never used it because the Tippmann Flatline sock fits over the Apex tip really well.
51) Viewloader VL200 hopper - £2 - Everyone's favorite basic hopper! Used on my loaner markers until my nephews got their own stuff.
52) eVLution 2 Y-Board - £10 - I upgraded from new so this has sat in my spares box since then. I might've powered it up once. I can't remember.
53) Pirahna socket charger - £2 - WARNING 120v plug.
54) PMI 4500psi Tank Regulator - £20 - Was on my brother's new tank and saw only half a day of play before he had it changed out with the Max-Flo regulator he was itching to use. Has tool marks from that procedure. Has sat in my spares box since that day.
55) Pirahna in-car chargers - £5 each
56) Tank adapter for "Air Source" 4oz Disposable CO2 tanks - £3
57) Dragun Regulator Top - £2 - I don't know how I've managed to end up with one of these spare but here it is.
58) Remote on/off - £5 - Came off of my brother's remote kit when he had it connected to his Max-Flo regulator. Saw only half a day of play and has sat in my spares box ever since.
59) Scope Ring - £10 - Bought as a pair. I only needed one so this has sat in my spares box since new.
SOLD! 60) Pure Energy Inline Regulator - £10 - Got it recently with a marker that I'm now rebuilding with other parts. As such this is now surplus to requirements.
SOLD! 61) Bob Long Torpedo Inline Regulator - £10 - It's been in storage since 2005. Has the usual tool marks.
62) Pod Of O-Rings - £10 - I'm not sure how many are in there but the number should be near 1000. That's what should've been in the bag I bought and that bag emptied completely into this pod.
63) Freak Inserts - £20 for 3 aluminium freak barrel inserts (.691, .689 & .687) - I upgraded to stainless inserts some time ago so I don't use these anymore.
64) Phat Drop Forward - £10 - I bought it for a particular look but now I've decided to go a different direction. It's also bit damaged.
65) Ported barrel tip - £5 - White plastic painted black. Got it with the old school 'All American' style cocker barrel but it may fit others.
66) Hangar 18 Tank Cover - £2 - 1.1l neoprene tank cover.

For trades...
I'm not really looking for trades at this time.
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