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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
No due to the way it mounts it will have to use the stock tray, plus it already has a tadao board so there is no reason mess with swap electronics.

Got pics ill post later to show how it had to be mounted.

Nice work (minus the cut hand). I've gotten the tinkering bug again myself, and have my Ripper 2.5 about half done. So far I've cut down the back of the 2k2 Supafly bolt I had my Dad knock down to Alias spec for me (he's got the lathe and about 40 more years experience running it than I do.. I think he's a better fit for that. He also made me a one off Titanium LP poppet for a 2k2 sleeve for me.. ) and also dremelled detent slots into it. I fit AKA internals to the Classic front block, and just today started shaving down the trigger guard to fit the Vice trigger I'm slapping in it (swapped to a Lasoya guard so I didn't need to mess with my Species one) Thinking I may try my hand at rounding the back to the body as well before anodizing. Provided I can get things tuned nicely once I get a new tank.

Thinking I want to do a frame swap for the next gun.. I really like the look of the WGP SR, but that frame is hideous.. And I've never build a cocker before.. snipers, but no cockers.
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I can't believe I'm saying this... but don't bash the Rails. :X
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