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Default Re: reg, barrel, tiberius, loader and cocker parts for sale

bodies do not include internals, you get what you see

$85 for hb trilogy body and pump kit

$85 for mid block orracle body, the body will be mini
$125 for mid block ss bodies with karni front block

$55 for the top mini orracle body
$65 for the middle mini half block orracle body

$65 for half block body

$70 for each body, will eventually be mid block and resold

$50 for each set

$85 for the top raw tactical body
$75 for the bottom raw body

$50 for the vlm body, the feed seems to be glued to the body
$35 for the body, looked like someone took off the feed to make it a stock class pump body

$40 for top pre 2k body
$25 for bottom pre 2k body
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