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Default Re: reg, barrel, tiberius, loader and cocker parts for sale

$4 for each barrel cover
sold $5 for each barrel holder sold

$3 for each spyder thread barrel

from here on they should all be cocker threaded barrels

$8 for each cocker threaded barrel

$20 for the stock sr barrel - 2 piece 14 inches and bore should be 89
$35 for the lapco bigshot barrel - 12 inches
sold $55 for the stiffi barrel - 10 inches and bore should be 85 sold
$10 for the stock sr back

$35 for the gloss black back
$30 for each dust black back
$18 for each ul tip
$50 for blackjack ul barrel, came from a dc
$50 for the one piece boomstick
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